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Radio Advertising Services was founded in 1992. With years of marketing and broadcasting experience, we use our respective talents and abilities to promote your business and brand.

We are a full-service PR, Marketing and Advertising Agency. Book your Television, Radio and Print advertising with us at competitive rates!


We determine your company needs through our effective 6-step strategy:


Step 1:

Establish client's needs by liaising with the client in order to ensure valuable and cost-effective marketing strategies

Through South African media associates like, AMPS and RAMS we use the latest media research to determine the best possible media avenue to reach your target market

Through media strategy planning and media strategy budgeting we ensure that all marketing activities reach your specific target market

We provide above the line media, through the line media and below the line media.

Copy writing, Design and Productions. This comprehensive service includes copywriting and the production of the final advertisement or jingle. We make use of a highly experienced production team.

We assist you our client in achieving the best possible return on your investment by advising you on optimum reach of your target market.
  Step 2:
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  Step 4:
  Step 5:
  Step 6: