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Listed below are a few of the many professional services we offer to various business sectors.If you don't see what you are looking for, let us know - if we are unable to help you, we'll be delighted to make a recommendation!

Branding Brainstorm

  • Identification of specific targets, vision and strategic planning
  • Determining a dynamic and efficient branding and marketing strategy
  • Conceptualising and/or upgrading of brand
  • Media Application
  • Branding templates

PR / Promotions

  • Determining required avenues and application
  • Corporate Identity and Corporate Image
  • Advertising, publications, presentations
  • All media activities (media briefings, launches, news releases, etc)
  • Scheduling of Radio & TV interviews
  • Scheduling of Radio, TV & Printed advertisements
  • Promotions (competitions etc.)


Marketing Strategies and Communication Plans

  • Determining marketing objectives
  • 6 month 堹ear marketing strategies
  • Launch cost effective marketing strategies

Creative Design/Writing

  • Professional writing of scripts for print, audio & visual media
  • Design and publication of brochures, flyers, posters, annual reports, newsletters, web sites, etc.

Application of Marketing & Communications Strategy

  • Market Research
  • Determining target markets (demographic, geographic, psycho-graphic)
  • Comparison and submission of quotes on relevant media applications
  • Evaluation of present status (database and market perception)
  • Application in all media


Electronic Product Services


•  Radio

----- Creative & Production
----- Placements

•  Call-on-hold
•  IVR (revenue-sharing info and competition lines) & SMS
•  CD's
•  SMS-campaigns


•  Television
•  Cinema Ads
•  Video & DVD's


•  Billboards, pole-ads, posters, taxi-advertising

Printed Media

•  All Publications
•  Direct Mailing

Printing Application

•  Corporate material
•  Brochures, pamphlets
•  Posters
•  Banners
•  Prospectuses

Event Planning

  • Complete and comprehensive event planning service

Business Planning

  • Growth and vision planning and implementation
  • Complete business planning service

Consulting Services

  • Administration; Human Resources; Operations
  • Information handling; Research
  • Complete consulting service